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Upcoming Events

9/29 Thursday – CHAMPS Meeting & Ice Cream Social @ 7-8pm for 5th Graders                                and their parents only

10/3 Scrip Orders Due

10/7 Friday- Fall Pictures Taken & Movie Night – Featuring “Hotel Transylvania 2”

10/10 & 10/11  No School (Staff Development Days)

10/14 Box Tops Due – Bring in the box tops & turn them in to teachers

10/17 El Tarasco (in Redondo) Dine Out All Day – go in and eat and Seaside will get a percentage of your check

10/17 -10/28 5th Grade CHAMPS selling Boo Grams

10/23 Skechers Walk– Join the Seaside Team!

10/24-10/24 Red Ribbon Week

10/26 Reflection Art Projects due at drop-off in valet

10/28 Halloween Parade 9am (kids wear their costumes and parents bring their cameras!) & Monster Mash PTA Membership Party 6-8pm (kids wear their costumes and play games and dance to the DJ, and don’t miss the Haunted House!) Avoid the long line to check in! Get a Fast Pass by purchasing your PTA membership ahead of time and having your PTA Activity Waiver turned in.


September 25, 2016

Greetings, Seaside!


Thank you to all for coming to our Back to School Night.  When you participate in school events, you show your child(ren) that school is important and that we are partners in their education.  So, give yourselves a pat on the back!


I hope the evening provided you with good information to help you support the learning process at home.  I also hope that some excitement in participating as a volunteer was ignited.  The elementary years lay the foundation for everything to come and your participation contributes to the success of your child.



AbsencesSchool attendance is important.  Many times we think that because children are in elementary school, absence will not matter so much.  In fact, it does matter. 


When a child is repeatedly absent from school, it becomes much more difficult to get them back to school.  They simply don’t want to get back into the routine.  The love for school and learning are eroded.


Absence also affects achievement. Research consistently shows a strong correlation between a high score on students’ local school readiness tests and 3rd grade reading proficiency.  One study reported that students who arrived at school academically ready to learn—but then missed 10 percent of  their kindergarten and first grade years—scored, on average, 60 points below similar students with good attendance on third-grade reading tests. In math, the gap was nearly 100 points. 


Children are sent a message when we allow them to miss school for less than legitimate reasons.  Attitudes about work and learning are formed by what we do and encourage.  Help your child grow into the best possible person they can be by sending them to school on time every day; excellence is a habit!



School Site Council:  Thank you to those of you who have volunteered: Christine Coda (PTA President), Dina Sakita, Erica Foster-Michaelsen and Pat Bressi.  We are in need of just 3 parents.  So, we will have to vote.  An orange paper ballot will come home on Monday, Sept. 26.  Please mark just 3 parent representatives for the spot and return your ballot on Tuesday, Sept. 27.  Please know that anyone is welcome to attend the meeting to be informed, but that only members can vote.


GATE Testing for Third Grade Coming Soon!  Universal third grade GATE testing will take place at each school site between October and December. A parent notification with testing details and schedule will be sent home with students on September 19th.  Please check this schedule for each school site’s specified test date(s). An electronic copy of the parent notification will also be available on our school website. No form or application for participation in third grade GATE testing is necessary.  


If you choose to withdraw your student from GATE testing, you will need to complete and sign a Withdraw from GATE Testing Form (on the reverse side of the parent notification) and return it to your student’s teacher by October 3rd.


More information regarding GATE testing for grades 4 and 5 will be coming at a later date.



3학년을 위한 GATE 시험 곧 있습니다!


전체 3학년 GATE 시험이 10월에서 12월 사이에 각 학교에서 있을 것입니다. 시험 세부사항과 일정이 들어간 학부모 통지서를 9월 19일에 학생들을 통해 가정으로 보낼 것입니다. 각 학교의 자세한 시험 날짜(들)가 들어간 이 일정을 확인하시기 바랍니다. 학부모 통지서의 전자형태 사본 또한 우리 학교 웹사이트에 있을 것입니다. 3학년 GATE 시험 참가를 위한 어떠한 양식이나 신청서도 필요하지 않습니다.


만일 여러분께서 자녀가 GATE 시험을 치르는 것에서 탈퇴하길 원하시면, 여러분은 GATE 시험 탈퇴서 (학부모 통지서 뒷면에 있는)를 작성, 서명하셔서 10월 3일까지 자녀의 담임 교사에게 제출하셔야 합니다.


4학년과 5학년 GATE 시험에 관한 더 자세한 정보는 이후에 나올 것입니다.   



学校ニュース: 3年生対象GATE テスト 近日実施




お子さんがGATEテストを受けないことをご希望の場合は、GATEテスト受験辞退申請書(Withdraw from GATE Testing Form)(保護者への通知の裏面にあります)に記入、署名して、103日までに担任教師に提出することが必要です





Sketchers Pier to Pier Walk:  Boo, hoo!  We have almost NOBODY signed up to walk.  Please sign up and walk.  It’s FUN and good for the kids to participate in healthy community activities.  Plus, the school receives a financial benefit!  Go on-line and join the Seaside PTA Team today.


Have a wonderful week, everyone.  We look forward to seeing you at school tomorrow.



Michele Bauer-Bean


TUSD Announcements



Dear Parents and Students:

The Torrance Police Department cares about your safety. Traffic is a concern of schools nationwide,
particularly as parents pick up and drop off their children. Our goal is to make this process flow in a safe
and smooth manner. We can do it with your help. Please obey all traffic laws and parking restrictions!

To improve the situation, beginning in the 2006-07 school year, we started using video cameras to record
violations near our schools. The cameras will continue to be used for the 2015-16 school year. Citations will be
mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle. You don't want to become a star on our camera! Instead, help us
out by NOT picking up or dropping off in the following areas:

  • Driveways
  • Red Zones
  • No Stopping Zones
  • Double Parking
  • Crosswalks / Intersections
  • Handicapped Spaces

By following the suggestions above, we can work together to provide a safe environment for students while
avoiding citations. If you have any questions, please call us at (310) 618-5557. Remember, wear your seatbelt,
have a safe school year, and don't become a star on our camera!

Lieutenant Mark Underwood
Torrance Police Department
Traffic & Special Events Division


The Health Office is in need of the following clothes for students who occasionally need a change during the school day. 

  • Small girls elastic waist pants and shorts (Sizes 4 to 10)
  • Small boys underwear and sweat pants (Sizes 4 to 10)


Be sure to check the Dolphin Splash and the updated Calendar.


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