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Wednesday, September 6th

Welcome Back to Seaside! 5:00pm-7:00pm- Class postings, music, games, and prizes.








September 1, 2017

Dear Seaside Families,


Welcome back everyone!  It’s time to dive in and swim the Seaside wave.  I hope that summer brought some relaxation and fun family time and that everyone is ready to begin again.  This will be a great year with some delightful new things to offer. 


Join me in welcoming Mrs. Mitvalsky back from her one year leave of absence.  Mrs. Mitvalsky took time to be with her family in Thailand.  While there, she had her youth restored and returns to us with the clock turned back ten years.  Welcome back, Kookying!


Seaside will continue to participate in the Positive Behavior Intervention training this year.  We have included a behavior chart in the first day packet so that you, parents, can be a part of our system of support.  Take a look at the behavior expectations and review them with your child(ren).  By being on the same page, our support for our children is at its best!


Solution Tree:  Seaside will also continue to participate in training to strengthen our grade level teams.  Grade level leaders met at the end of August to begin planning for the new school year.  Each grade will hone their ability to plan together, provide instruction, use common grade level assessments and provide intervention and enrichment so that each child can achieve high levels of learning.


Class Assignments:  There is no way to predict how many students will walk in the door during the first 5 days of school.  We are required to accept all those who live in our Seaside area and enroll within the first 5 days.  As a result, the classroom assignment your child receives at the beginning of the year is temporary.  Please explain this to your child so if we do need to reorganize the classrooms, nobody will be taken by surprise. 


School Site Council:  We are in need of parents to participate in the School Site Council.  This group reviews the school budget, student achievement and safety procedures.  We discuss current events and decisions that the school needs to make and approves the school plan.  We meet 4 - 6 times a year usually on a Thursday after school, but we are flexible!  If you are interested in participating, please call the school and give your name and your child’s name to the office.  310-533-4532.


Sharing Food:  I remind you that we have a few students with severe food allergies.  This requires all of us to be extra cautious.  Discuss food sharing with your own child.  We recommend that students do not share any food with friends or classmates to avoid health risks.  The cafeteria will contain a nut free table to accommodate those students with food allergies.


Morning Drop-off: Drop off and pick up will continue in the manner it did last year.  Fourth and fifth grade students should be dropped off in front of their rooms on Sharynne Lane.  First through third students can be dropped off in the valet zone in front of the school.  As always, students should be ready to make a quick exit with backpacks in hand. 


After School Pick-up:  Please make a name card for your front window.  Place it on the lower right and I can announce your child’s name with the megaphone to speed up the pick-up process.  Do not wait in the parking lot before school is dismissed to pick up your child.  The lost must remain free for employees to leave and for emergency vehicles to have access. 


Older students can be picked up in front of the 4th/5th grade rooms.  1st – 2nd can be picked up in the valet area.  3rd grade can be picked up from either location.  You may also retrieve your child from the back gate on Reynolds Road.  Ask your child to come promptly to the valet area and actively look for your car and be ready to quickly get into the car. 


Parent parking is located on the street.  By parking on the street, you will help our teachers and paraprofessionals get to work on time. 


Use the Sidewalk: Enter the campus on foot, away from the parking lot and the driveway entrance and exit.  Please do not enter the campus by crossing through the parking lot or crossing the grassy hill between the street and the parking lot.  This is dangerous.  We don’t want anyone to be hit by a car.  We teach children by what we do; let’s provide a good model.


We will have a great year.  The children flourish and grow with the instructional support and loving guidance of us all.



Michele Bauer-Bean





Dear Parents and Students:

The Torrance Police Department cares about your safety. Traffic is a concern of schools nationwide,
particularly as parents pick up and drop off their children. Our goal is to make this process flow in a safe
and smooth manner. We can do it with your help. Please obey all traffic laws and parking restrictions!

To improve the situation, beginning in the 2006-07 school year, we started using video cameras to record
violations near our schools. The cameras will continue to be used for the 2015-16 school year. Citations will be
mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle. You don't want to become a star on our camera! Instead, help us
out by NOT picking up or dropping off in the following areas:

  • Driveways
  • Red Zones
  • No Stopping Zones
  • Double Parking
  • Crosswalks / Intersections
  • Handicapped Spaces

By following the suggestions above, we can work together to provide a safe environment for students while
avoiding citations. If you have any questions, please call us at (310) 618-5557. Remember, wear your seatbelt,
have a safe school year, and don't become a star on our camera!

Lieutenant Mark Underwood
Torrance Police Department
Traffic & Special Events Division


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