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Any time after your child is absent from school, please write a note that should be given to your child’s teacher stating the reason for absence. It is necessary according to state law that we know whether the absence was due to:

  • Illness
  • Medical Appointment
  • Bereavement
  • Personal Reasons
  • Please make sure date of absence and students full name are included.

Arrival and Supervision

  • Supervision on the school begins at 8:35 a.m.
  • DO NOT drop students off at school prior to 8:35 a.m. as we do not have supervision
  • Once a student enters the school grounds after 8:35 a.m., they may not leave without permission.
  • Students are not permitted to wait for team practices after dismissal, as we do not have after school supervision.
  • Students must be picked up or walk home immediately after school.

Arriving Late
Any student arriving at school after the bell rings will need to report to the office and should also have a parent note explaining reason for the tardy. Missing the beginning minutes of class results in students missing an orientation to the instruction for the day. Please make every effort to help your child/children arrive on time.

Attendance Permits
Parents/Guardians of permit students are required to report in writing, a change of address within 30 calendar days of the change. Failure to do so will result in your child/children’s permit being withdrawn.

Bell Schedule (Subject to change)
8:35   Supervision begins
8:50   Grades 4 through 5 begin class
8:59   Kindergarten through 3rd Grade begin class
10:30-10:45   Recess – All grades
12:15-1:00 Lunch   Grades K-2
12:45-1:30 Lunch   Grades 3-5
1:59   Kindergarten - Dismissal
2:15-2:25   Recess Grade 1 through 3
3:12   Dismissal Grades 1 through 5

Note: Every Wednesday dismissal for Grades 1-5 is at 2:27 p.m.
Minimum day dismissals (see calendar for dates) for Grades 1-5 is 2:12 p.m.

Independent Study
Parents/Guardians can arrange to have their child/children maintain study skills, to continue their school work and assist the District earn Average Daily Attendance when their child/children is absent from school for more than five (5) consecutive school days due to extenuating circumstances. Parents/Guardians should contact the teacher a week prior to absence to complete an Independent Study Contract.

Lunch and Snack Information
All students may bring healthy snacks to eat during the morning recess. Parents/guardians may join their children for lunch, but it is essential to check in with the office first. If buying a school lunch, visitor must call the office before 9:15 a.m. to ensure a correct lunch count.

Lunch Expenses (subject to change)
Lunch   $3.00 (includes milk)
Juice   $0.25
Water   $0.50
Milk   $0.50

Lunch Payments
All students use an automated card system for lunch payment. The cards work the same way as debit cards work. Parents send in money to the café operator and the amount of money is put on the card. As students purchase lunch,
money is deducted from their account. Parents can bring a check or cash to the cafeteria or pay online at Advance payment money should be sent to the café in the morning before school. Parents are notified when their child’s balance is low and/or negative.

Permission for Field Trips
Prior to the field trip, each student must return a permission slip signed by his/her parent/guardian. Students not holding permission slips will be denied the opportunity for this exciting learning experience.

Permission to Leave Early
If it is necessary for your child to leave during the school day, please send a
note with your child on that day indicating:

  • The time to be excused.
  • The purpose (medical appointment or personal).
  • Who will pick up your child/children.
  • Whether your child/children will be returning to school on the same day.

Go to school office to sign child out and child will be called to the office. We do ask, for continuity of learning for the student, that he/she make up missed assignments/tests.

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