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Playground Rules                                       

General Playground Rules

  1. Children not allowed on playground before 8:35am and after 1:59pm for Kindergarten or 3:12 pm for grades 1st through 5th.
  2. No toys or equipment from home on the playground.
  3. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  4. Use drinking fountains and bathrooms on the playground.
  5. Share equipment and play with everyone.
  6. Walk in the halls and up and down ramps to get to and from the playground.
  7. When the bell sounds, FREEZE then wait for the whistle to WALK to line. (Hold all equipment.)
  8. If a problem arises use conflict strategies.

Playground Boundaries - (See map in the back of the book)

  • Kindergarten Playground - Sand area, grass, blacktop. No playing behind Room K-4. Snacks are eaten before playing, and children need to sit near classrooms at tables while eating.
  • Primary Playground - To the edge of the grass and sand on the north side, edge of blacktop on south side, handball courts on upper grade playground east side and Room 24 on the west blacktop. Snacks are eaten sitting down on the south hill on the grass between the two ramps.
  • Upper Grade Playground - To the edge of the grass and blacktop on the north side, handball courts on the west side, edge of the blacktop on the south side and to the edge of the sand area on the east side. Snacks are eaten during recess on the cement area with tables.

Bell Rules

  1. Freeze
  2. Hold playground equipment.
  3. Exit sandy areas and freeze.
  4. Wait for whistle, and then return to line quickly.
  5. Hold all playground equipment when walking to line.
  6. Place playground equipment in basket (no throwing).
  7. Wait quietly in line for your teacher


  1. Basketballs are to be used only on the basketball courts.
  2. Soccer balls are to be used only on the grass for kicking.
  3. No kicking/sitting on rubber balls at any time.
  4. No kicking, hitting, or throwing balls of any kind against buildings ramp walls or railings.
  5. Students may play “sock ball” on the blacktop with their hands with a rubber ball ONLY.
  6. Students may play kickball on the grass ONLY with a soccer ball.

Basketball Rules

  1. Play with a basketball.
  2. Play in a designated court.
  3. No fouling or wrestling over the ball.


  1. NO DODGEBALL during recess or lunch.

Foursquare Rules

  1. Use a soft ball.
  2. Hit the ball over the line.
  3. Do not catch the ball.
  4. When someone gets out everyone rotates up one square.


  1. NO FOOTBALL during recess or lunch.


  1. NO GYMNASTICS during recess or lunch.

Handball Rules

  1. Use a rubber ball.
  2. Play on handball courts only, not against rails, ramps or building walls.
  3. Hit balls with hands only.

Hula Hoops

  1. Rotate around your waist only.

Jump Rope Rules

  1. For jumping only.
  2. Do not tie jump ropes to rails, fences or backstops.

Jungle Gym Rules

  1. No standing on top of the equipment.
  2. No physical contact with other students.
  3. Students may sit on top of the “H” bars.
  4. Hold on with your hands if you are hanging upside down.

Kick and Catch Rules

  1. Play on the grass only.
  2. Use a soccer ball.
  3. Take turns.

Kickball Rules (4th and 5th grades only)

  1. Play on grass or blacktop square on upper grade playground.
  2. Use a soccer ball.

Ricochet Rules

  1. Play only against backstops when area is dry.
  2. Use only soccer balls.

Rubber Ball

  1. Do not kick or sit on rubber balls.

Soccer Rules

  1. Kick soccer balls on the grass.
  2. No sliding to take ball away.

“Sock Ball” Rules—Upper Grade Playground (Played like kickball)

  1. Play in blacktop square.
  2. Use a rubber ball.
  3. Play like kickball except there is no pitching and players hit the ball with their hands.


  1. NO TAG GAMES during recess or lunch.

Tetherball Rules

  1. Hit ball only, no catching ball or rope.
  2. Two students play staying on their half of the circle.
  3. Do not sit or hang on the ball.

Kickball Rules

  1. Use soccer balls only.
  2. No lead-offs.
  3. No throwing ball at runners.
  4. Runners must return to previous base once pitcher has the ball.


  1. Go to empty swing when one is available.
  2. Count to 25 (when feet come forward).
  3. One person to a swing.
  4. When there is water, do not swing above the water.
  5. No count backs.
  6. Swing only forward and back, no twisting or side to side.
  7. No jumping off the swings.
  8. Do not push each other on the swings.
  9. Sit on the swings.
  10. Wait on cement curb for turn.

Rewards and Consequences

Students are expected to exhibit good character not only at school but everywhere. To help instill these character traits staff praises students showing good behavior while there are increasing levels of consequences when not following school or classroom rules. Consequences might progress through: warning, exclusion from activity work, extra work, sitting in another classroom, call or note to a parent or being sent to the principal. Parents/Guardians will be contacted if there is a severe or recurring misbehavior. Students may be suspended or expelled if they:

  • Fight and/or after been warned by the principal for fighting.
  • Defy school authority or disrupt school activities.
  • Have in their possession a knife, gun or weapon of any kind.
  • Have in their possession alcohol, tobacco or illegal substances.
  • Repeatedly use profanity.
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