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Special School Programs                         

Adapted Physical Education (Adapted PE)
Students who are identified as requiring a specialized physical education program due to a physical handicap or condition are served by an Adapted Physical Education Specialist who assist youngsters in enhancing small and/or large motor coordination. This program is part of the services provided through the Designated Instruction Services (DIS) which functions within the Special Education Program.

English As A Second Language (ESL)
An English Language Development Specialist is assigned by the District on a part-time basis to our school in order to teach English to students who learned a primary language other than English. The Specialist also works directly with regular classroom teachers to help with additional materials and strategies to provide effective ESL instruction.

Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)
Students in grades 3 through 5 are identified for the GATE program based upon their intellectual ability, test performance, teacher evaluation and parent/student surveys outlined by State and District guidelines. Classroom teachers provide an on-going enrichment program for high achieving and GATE students through differentiated instruction, thus encouraging students to develop to their fullest potential. GATE students are clustered in small groups in each grade level.

English Learner Multicultural Advisory Committee
ELMAC is a group of parents that meets regularly to give input and direction to the education of our bilingual students. Meetings are open to all parents and are announced through school bulletins. The ELMAC chairperson represents the committee at School Site Council, and its members provide meaningful multi-cultural experiences for students in classrooms and school wide.

Instrumental Music
Students in grades 4 and 5 are eligible to receive instruction in instrumental music. An Instrumental Music teacher serves the school on a part-time basis and provides small and total group instruction for those who apply for the program.

Learning Center Program
The Learning Center is intended to serve general education and special education students within the Learning Center environment. Special education students are students who have been identified as individuals with exceptional needs. These students can benefit from the major part of the regular curriculum, but require some special assistance provided by the Learning Center Team. Students who qualify as students with exceptional needs have services specified on an Individual Education Plan.

General Education students with academic needs will be identified through the Student Study Team (SST) process and will be placed in the Learning Center depending on the number of openings available. First priority to scheduling and instructional consideration will be given to students who have been identified as special education students before incorporating general education students in to the Learning Center. General Education students who qualify for intervention services through the Learning Center usually go to the learning center on a short-term basis (6-8 weeks).

Media Resource Center/Computer Lab
Students participate in computer education in a state-of-the art computer lab including lessons relating to awareness of technology, keyboarding, word processing and problem solving skills using up-to-date software programs. The classroom teacher oversees this program.

Physical Education (P.E.)
All students will participate in the SPARK (Sports, Play, and Active recreation for Kids) program. The program emphasizes personal fitness instead of training in sports games.

School Site Council/School Improvement Program
The School Improvement Program provides state funding for school programs. A primary objective of SIP is to foster a closer relationship between the school and community. The School Site Council (SSC), comprised of parent and community members and staff, is involved in shared decision-making procedures related to the planning, implementing and evaluating the total school program. SSC, composed of twelve elected representatives: 6 parents and 6 staff members, is a shared-decision making body that oversees the implementation of the School Improvement Program (SIP) as well as determining and monitoring various school budgets. The SSC also provides a forum for parental and staff input for district policies and directions. Meetings are open to the school community.

Science Fair
The Science Fair, held in the spring, includes the opportunity for participation of all students and encourages them to explore, share ideas, invent and problem solve. Teachers in grades 4 & 5 may require the students to participate in order to receive a science grade on their report cards. We strongly encourage participation of all students in grades K-5.

Search and Serve
State law mandates that all individuals with exceptional needs have a right to participate in a free appropriate public education with special education and services when necessary. Assessment for special education is provided for children from birth to 21 years and there are some pre-school programs for the handicapped. Please contact the school if you are aware of children not being served.

Special Education Programs
Learning Center, Speech, Adaptive PE and other special education programs are designed to serve students with exceptional needs. The procedure to identify “exceptional needs” students begins with the classroom teacher and proceeds to the school student study team and the principal. If you need further information about special education services, please contact our school counselor or the school office.

Speech and Language
The Speech and Language Program is for students who have been identified as needing assistance with speech and/or language. The Language/Speech Specialist, with parent permission, may provide assistance individually or in a small group setting. This program is part of the services provided through the Designated Instruction Services functions within the Special Education Program.

Student Success Team (SST)
Each school in Torrance has an SST to assist teachers and parents/guardians to better meet the needs of students. When a child is experiencing academic or behavioral problems, a teacher or parent/guardian has the opportunity to consult with the team. SST meets periodically and includes participation, classroom teacher and the principal. The team makes recommendations for interventions that might include assessment to determine if the child is eligible for Special Education.

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