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School Information, Rules & Guidelines        

Bringing Items to School
Cell Phones; Classroom Parties; Homemade Foods; Money & Valuables; Party Invitations; Toys, Etc.

Absences; Arrival and Supervision; Arriving Late; Attendance Permits; Bell Schedule; Independent Study; Lunch and Snack Information; Lunch Expenses;Lunch Payments; Permission for Field Trips; Permission to Leave Early

Bringing Pets to School
Students are required to obtain permission from the teacher before bringing any animals to school. These must be properly housed and transported by the parent/guardian to and from school.

Reporting to Parents/Guardians; Parent-Teacher Conferences; Progress Reports; Report Cards; School Accountability Report (SARC); School Newsletter

Damages or Loss of School Property; Discipline Plan for Our School (School Rules); New California State Education Codes; Classroom Rules; Conflict Strategies

Playground Rules
Kindergarten Playground Rules; Primary Playground Rules; Parameters—Boundaries; Intermediate Playground Rules

Emergency Preparedness
Should an emergency or disaster situation arise in our area while school is in session; TUSD Emergency Card – Green; Student Survival Kit - Authorization for Medication at School

Homework Policy
Homework shall be an extension of the instructional program; Grade Time Allocation Per Week

School Safety
Bicycles; Scooter, Skateboard and Razor Scooters; Dropping Off and Picking Up Your Child at School; Observe the Valet Guidelines; Safe Routes to School; School Partnerships for Education; Student Dress and Hygiene; Volunteer—Parent Dress & Safety

Special School Programs
Adapted Physical Education (Adapted PE); English As A Second Language (ESL);  Gifted and Talented Education (GATE); English Learner Multicultural Advisory Committee; Instrumental Music; Learning Center Program; Media Resource Center/Computer Lab; Physical Education (P.E.); School Site Council/School Improvement Program; Science Fair; Search and Serve; Special Education Programs; Speech and Language; Student Study Team (SST)

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