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 PTAHow We Make a Difference   

How We Make a Difference                      

Seaside PTA sponsors many student programs involving parent volunteers.  You, the parent, are an integral part of our children’s educational experience. If you would like to volunteer to help on any of these programs, please contact the chairman or PTA President.

Adventures in Art (AIA)
This PTA sponsored program provides docents, who are trained by different selected artists at a workshop, to provide art experiences during the year for students. These handson opportunities are uniquely designed and are rooted in different cultures and media.

Bike Rodeo
The Bike Rodeo is an annual event held after school in the spring. The Bike Rodeo emphasizes safe riding and safe equipment and is open to all 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students (with parent/guardian permission).

Book Fair
This Spring, students are encouraged to enjoy the pleasures of reading by purchasing books at our annual book fair. The proceeds from the book fair help to purchase new books for our school library.

Box Tops
We all shop for groceries. Turn those trips into easy cash for Seaside, and encourage your friends and family to do the same! Just look for the Box Tops logo on hundreds of products like Cheerios, Kleenex and Ziploc bags. All you need to do is clip and send them in to school with your child. Each one is worth $.10 for our school!

Character Counts!
An educational framework for teaching universal values. Can you name the six pillars of character? Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship.

Communication is essential! We have developed a form of two way communication. A PTA box is provided in each classroom for your student to place materials or forms that are to be returned to the PTA.

“The Sunday Dolphin Splash”
“The Sunday Dolphin Splash” is our weekly newsletter sponsored by the Seaside PTA. The newsletter contains messages from both our PTA President and Principal, along with other important information and announcements. Please sign up for “The Sunday Dolphin Splash” at The Sunday Splash will then be delivered to your email inbox every Sunday morning. It includes informational attachments about other programs and services available to the students and parents.

Emergency Preparedness/Safety
Seaside PTA now purchases all emergency preparedness supplies that might be needed in case of an actual emergency. We maintain supplies of food, water, clothing, and other emergency supplies. Students no longer need to bring an emergency kit or any other supplies to school each year. The PTA maintains adequate supplies for all students and staff. The PTA also inventories and replaces any outdated or used emergency materials.

Honorary Service
Each February, the PTA presents Honorary Service Awards to individuals who have given many hours of their time serving our school and community. Nominations will be solicited in early January.

Though most PTA units fundraise to support their programs, the primary mission of PTA is one of advocacy. Our legislative Vice President’s duty is to keep the membership informed of local, state and federal educations issues through articles in the PTA Newsletters.

Our modernized library and reading room is staffed entirely by dedicated volunteers. In collaboration with the teachers, a weekly checkout program is used for enjoyment of literature and research for class projects. The weekly library schedule permits the student to check out a different book each week providing he or she returns the book checked out the previous week. Lost or damaged books are to be paid for before students can check out another book. To volunteer to help in the library, contact the PTA Library Chairperson.

Membership: PTA Membership Campaign
Please join our award winning Seaside Elementary School Parent Teacher Association. We hope all parents, neighbors, and extended family and friends of Seaside Dolphins will show their love and support for our great school by joining the PTA!

As a Seaside PTA member, you also become a State and National PTA member. The National PTA is among the largest associations in the United States and its sole purpose is to serve as an advocate for children and families.

PTA is important because it provides a powerful voice within the government legislative process for issues supporting, promoting and nurturing positive education and safety goals within our schools and community.

A membership entitles you to a voice and a vote at all Seaside Elementary School PTA Association Meetings. Please keep in mind that membership and volunteering are two different kinds of ways to help. Volunteering is not a requirement of membership.

From each $6.50 membership, $1.25 is given directly back to our school to help fund our school’s wonderful programs including; Library, Adventures-in-Art, On Track Reading, Reflections, Communication Materials, Field Trips, Assemblies and much, much more. Please fill out your membership envelope that is sent to you on the first day of school.

Musical Moments
Seaside’s very own music enrichment and appreciation program which is similar to Adventures-in-Art and is dependent on volunteers. No teaching or musical training is needed. The Docent will attend two trainings (early fall and early spring) to gather the tools necessary to present Musical Moments. There will be a minimum of four teaching times in the classroom.

On Track Reading – “2004 California State Award Winner – Outreach”
A program is offered to assist parents, at home, to help their children become better readers and stay “on track” with their reading. Teachers have chosen books and assigned reading levels to these books. The books, which mirror the level that a child is reading in the classroom, will help take the guesswork out of what a parent can provide for a child to read at home. Teachers will evaluate students and make recommendations to the parents of students who will benefit from this program.

Upon notification from your child’s teacher on appropriate reading level, books will be assigned to each student weekly and sent home on Mondays and will be due back the following Monday morning in order to receive new books.

"Stay on track with On Track Reading”

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
The Seaside Chapter of the PTA provides vigorous and ongoing support to the enrichment of activities in our school. You may become a member of the PTA by purchasing a membership, offered throughout the year. In addition to being a voting member of the Seaside Chapter you will also automatically be a member of State California and National PTA’s. Association Meetings are generally held on Thursday evenings at 6:00 in the school cafeteria, at least 3 to 4 times per year in conjunction with other school events such as Back-toSchool Night, Reflections Exhibit, Honorary Service Awards, Seaside Science Fair and the Variety Show. Announcements will be made in the newsletter.

Red Ribbon Week
2013 Theme "A Healthy Me is Drug Free!!”

Red Ribbon Week is celebrated across the country to present a unified and visible commitment to a Drug Free America. Each year, the Red Ribbon Committee provides special grade level appropriate activities to help educate our students to stay Drug Free.

Reflections: Theme 2013 – 2014… “Believe, Dream, Inspire”
“Reflections" is an arts recognition and achievement program sponsored by the National, State and Local PTAs. Students in preschool through grade 12 participate in the arts areas of literature, musical composition, photography, and visual arts, dance choreography, and film/video production. Age divisions are preschool through grade 2, grades 3-5, grades 6-8, and grades 9-12. The Reflections Program provides a venue for students to create and be recognized for original works of art based on pre-selected theme, while increasing community awareness on the importance of the arts in education.

Room Parents
Every class at Seaside would like to have a Room Parent(s) who would assist with PTA sponsored events, coordinate and recruit additional volunteers and to provide support to your child/children’s teacher. Some of the Room Parent(s) responsibilities may include:

  • Prepare a class list with telephone numbers and addresses. (Written parent/guardian permission must be given each year to release addresses and phone numbers)
  • Communicate to classroom parents/guardians about school events and concerns.
  • Purchase and/or collect food and/or items for any classroom projects or parties.
  • Recruit volunteer parents/guardians to help with special PTA events such as Jog-a-Thon, Sports Day, Adventures-In-Art, math festival, library visits, bike rodeo and other programs throughout the year.
  • Recruit volunteers to help during class instruction time or with special projects that can be completed at home.

Scholarship, PTA
Each year, the PTA grants scholarships to a high school student(s) from South High who had attended Seaside Elementary. In the spring, high school applications are evaluated by our scholarship committee to select the recipient.

Seaside Website
The Seaside Website is updated weekly by our very own webmaster. Please go onto the Seaside website ( and click on the “Join our Splash Mailing list”. This is a great way to stay connected.

Student Assemblies & Field Trips
PTA helps to provide quality enrichment activities for Seaside students by budgeting funds for programs and assemblies during the day as well as educational field trips to outside locations.

Super Saturday - School Beautification
Each fall and spring, families come together for a fun Saturday to help make Seaside beautiful. Some jobs include cleaning classrooms, gardening, mural painting, light carpentry and much more. Our Super Saturday committee works with the principal and teachers to determine what jobs need to be done and then assign the jobs to volunteers.

T.B. Tests for Volunteers
All persons who work with children on school grounds must have a Mantoux T.B. Test, taken at least every four years. A copy of these results needs to be kept on file at the school office before you can volunteer with the children.  Positive results must be accompanied by an x-ray showing that this disease is inactive).

Visitors on Campus
As a protection for your child/children, state law requires that all persons not employed or enrolled as students report their presence and the purpose for the visit to the school office immediately upon arriving on campus. Visitors (including parent/guardians) are required to sign in, obtain a Visitor’s Badge, and sign out when they return their badges prior to leaving. To prevent classroom disruption, parents/guardians are requested to bring lunch money, books and homework to the office, rather than taking them directly to their child’s classroom. Lunches need to be taken to the cafeteria after checking in at the office. Preschool students and non-Seaside students are not allowed on campus during the school day or while the parent is helping in the classroom.  This is due to insurance coverage and liability issues. Please make arrangements for preschoolers and non-Seaside students to remain off campus while you volunteer at school.

Visitation by Parents to the Classroom

  1. Parents/Guardians are welcome and are encouraged to visit the school.
  2. We make the following suggestions for a more profitable visit if you wish to visit a classroom.
  3. Please check with the teacher in advance.
  4. Check in at the office and obtain a Visitor’s Badge before visiting a classroom..
  5. Parent-Teacher conferences should be avoided during class time.
  6. Small children often distract the classroom work, therefore please make childcare arrangements for preschoolers.
  7. Please plan on visiting for no more than 20 minutes.

Volunteering-Parents and Community
Parent involvement options are numerous. Volunteers are vital assets to our school system for they represent those citizens who translate their concern for children into action. Seaside School has a “Room Parent/Volunteer Handbook” that outlines the responsibilities and guidelines of a Volunteer. A Volunteer orientation is held each Spring for volunteers returning in the Fall and each Fall, shortly after school begins, to welcome new volunteers and outline volunteer opportunities. For more information please contact the Volunteer Coordinator listed in this book.

Volunteer Services Agreement
Annually volunteers must complete and submit The Application & Agreement For Volunteer Services. In addition, the volunteer agrees to:

  1. Comply with all Federal, State, Municipal and District laws, rules and regulations, in addition to the Volunteer Code of Conduct, that are now, or may in the future become applicable to volunteer, including compliance with Education Code 35021 - Requirements for Voluntary Service in Schools.
  2. Provide their name, address, and phone number.
  3. Have a photo taken for an I.D. Badge.
  4. Provide proof of negative tuberculosis test prior to service.
  5. Have their name will be submitted to have a Megan’s Law/ Federal/California Law background check prior to their volunteering.

Either party notifying the other, in writing, at any time, may terminate the agreement.

Volunteers’ Code of Conduct
As a volunteer you are subject to a code of ethics similar to that which binds the professional in the field in which you volunteer. The Volunteer Code of Conduct can be found on the Seaside website. (

Volunteers — Ways You Can Help

  1. Provide clerical assistance for teachers
  2. Make copies
  3. Volunteer, read stories to a class
  4. Help with Adventure’s in Art Projects or Musical Moments program
  5. Correct papers, workbooks, assist in classroom
  6. Translate for bilingual children
  7. Accompany class field trips
  8. Serve as a Room Parent
  9. Volunteer to assist special one time PTA programs such as Career Day Activities, Bike Rodeo, Family Picnic, Jog-a-thon, etc.
  10. Super Saturdays (beautifying our school).
  11. Assist in our Valet “Cone Zone”
  12. Stay informed. Read all materials that come home with your children via teachers and the online Splash.
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