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 PTAOffice Depot 5% Back to Schools Program   

Office Depot 5% Back To Schools Program      

Help Seaside Earn Free Supplies!

This unique program for schools can not only benefit Seaside now, but help keep us in free supplies all year long.  All you need to do is make a qualifying purchase at Office Depot and present your school's 5% Back to Schools program ID - and we'll take care of the rest. (See a list of qualifying products.)

How Does It Work?

  • Shop at Office Depot for all of your school and office supplies
  • Present Seaside's 5% Back To Schools ID number when you shop online, over the phone or at your neighborhood Office Depot store.
  • Office Depot will offer your school credits equal to 5% of the qualifying purchases in the form of an Office Depot Merchandise Card that can be used towards FREE supplies!

What is Seaside's 5% Back to Schools ID Number?
Seaside's ID number is 70015844.

Spread the Word!
Print our 5% Back to Schools promotional flyer or ID cards with your school's 5% Back to Schools ID number and distribute to parents, teachers and school supporters.

To see a list of frequently asked questions about our 5% Back to Schools program, please click here.

Forgot to use your school's ID number when making a purchase?
Past purchases made within the current calendar quarter can still be entered for credit!  To give 5% of your purchases back to Seaside in the form of merchandise credits, just follow these simple steps:

For In-store Purchases: Simply bring your receipt and Seaside's 5% Back to Schools ID number to your local Office Depot location and ask a store associate to apply your purchase to Seaside!

or Online/Phone Purchases:Click Here to simply complete our short form using Seaside's contact information or 5% Back to Schools ID number (70015844) and the order number that was provided for you online or over the phone at checkout. 

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