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 PTAPTA Executive Board   

PTA Executive Board and Board of Directors 2015-2016         


Christine Coda
Executive Vice President  
1st Vice President Debbie Gan
2nd Vice President  
3rd Vice President Ty Underwood
Sandi Underwood
Kristin Almeida
Mark Iinuma
4th Vice President Kathy Stevanus
Nicky Brown
5th Vice President Amy Enfield
Jen Osogwin
6th Vice President Lisa Deierling
7th Vice President Shae Francisco
Recording Sec Tracy Dixon
Treasurer Mary Michael
Financial Sec Bobette Osborne
Auditor Lisa Moise
Corresponding Sec Laura Burnett
Parliamentarian Jason Briggs
Advisor Michele Bauer
Advisor/Past President Michelle Briggs
Teacher Rep Kathi Leighton
1st Vice President – Debbie Gan - Director of Programs
Assistant to Director Cathy Tweedie
Adventures in Art (AIA) Sandy Santos
AIA Assistant/Supply Chair Shae Francisco
Assemblies Chair Cathy Tweedie
Assemblies Co-Chair Lisa Caso
Bike Rodeo Cathy Hamilton
Character Counts! Sandy Hutchinson
Family Nights Mandy Goldstein
Lori Nagy
Healthy Ever After Laura Burnett
Honorary Service Michelle Briggs
Library Chair Shae Francisco
Library Committee Chere Altilio
Lisa Deierling
Liz Koopmann
Debbie Gan
Mandy Goldstein
Cathy Tweedie
Laura Burnett
Math Festival Annie Ho
Musical Moments Joni Kneller
Multicultural Day Ameneh Ernst
Toshi iinuma
Career Day OPEN
On Track Reading Rima Khedesian
Reflections Sun Kim
Variety Show Chair OPEN
Finale Coordinator OPEN
2nd Vice President – Joelean Lambrecht - Director of Health & Safety
Assistant to Director OPEN
Blue Ribbon Week Kristen Hoffman
Campus Safety & Preparedness Joelean Lambrecht
Earth Week OPEN
Food Drive Brownie Troop 9585 - Michelle Briggs
Red Ribbon Week Leign Ann Schmidt
Scholarship Jane Song-Gee
SPARKs Ty Underwood
Super Saturday Jeff Lambrecht
Gardening Chair OPEN
Playground Equipment Ty Underwood

3rd Vice President – Director of Ways & Means
     Ty Underwood / 
Sandi Underwood / Kristin Almeida / Mark Iinuma

Book Fair Liz Koopmann
Box Tops Michelle Murphy
Direct Donation Ty Underwood
Eco Recycling Stu Peterson
Family Dine Out Nights Kristin Almeida
Jog-a-thon Ty Underwood
Spirit Logo Items Anne Ho
Scrips Gift Card Program Chrissy Loebs
Carnival (odd years) Sandi Underwood
4th Vice President – Director of Communications
        Shannon Dossa / Nicky Brown
Blue Book Vanessa King
Copy Club - Teacher Support
(Tuesday/Thursday copying)
Tracie Chang
Marquee OPEN
Web Site Mark Iinuma
Newsletter – Dolphin Splash Vanessa King
Room Parent Coordinator
     Kindergarten Level Rep
     1st Grade Level Rep
     2nd Grade Level Rep
     3rd Grade Level Rep
     4th Grade Level Rep
     5th Grade Champs Rep
Jenn Bullivant
Laura Burnett
Chere Altilio
Joni Kneller
Annie Ho
Claire Shanahan
PTA Activities Coordinator Kathy Stevanus
Nicky Brown
Volunteer Registration Kathy Stevanus
Nicky Brown
Yearbook Coordinator
     Yearbook Advisor
     Yearbook Sales
     Yearbook Dedications
     Yearbook Activity Pages
     Kindergarten Rep
     1st Grade Rep
     2nd Grade Rep
     3rd Grade Rep
     4th Grade Rep
     5th Grade Rep
Dawn Ikemoto
Dawn Ikemoto
Christine Yamazaki
Yvonne Wang
Chere Altilio 
Chere Altilio
Kristin Almeida
Elizabeth Walters
Dawn Ikemoto
5th Vice President – Director of Hospitality
        Amy Enfield / Jen Osogwin
Administrator Visits Amy Enfield
Jen Osogwin
Back-to-School Staff Luncheon Amy Enfield
Jen Osogwin
First Day Welcome Amy Enfield
Jen Osogwin
Installation Amy Enfield
Jen Osogwin
Retirement Amy Enfield
Jen Osogwin
Staff Appreciation Week Amy Enfield
Jen Osogwin
6th Vice President – Lisa Deiering – Director of Membership
7th Vice President – Shae Francisco – Legislation


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